Bizness Growth was founded by Peter Bronstein, an accountant and attorney who has served the Los Angeles community for over 28 years.

He represented many clients who were taken advantage of by incorporation services that offered low prices but also incomplete setup services. While they had long checklists of items they often left out critical pieces that in some cases left companies and individuals exposed to legal liability, penalties and additional costs .

He commonly saw that they never obtained S Corp approval, and never advised clients to have stock certificates. The required and overlooked items ended up costing companies far more in the long run. 

Protecting your company’s name is so important to success, but he found these same companies often performed incomplete and minimal searches when requested to see if their name was available or if a business could use their chosen business name. This lack of thoroughness sometimes resulted in companies spending tens of thousands of additional dollars.  

After years of frustration fixing issues created by others, He decided to form Bizness Growth and do it right from the start. 

Peter Bronstein

Founder and CEO

Our founder gets business. An Ivy league graduate and practicing attorney with over 28 years experience and a degree in accounting, he has launched several successful companies himself. You can trust his experience will help you succeed as well.

” We guarantee fast, friendly filings done right or your money back! “

Peter Bronstein, Bizness Growth CEO


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